The Process

  • Free Consultation/Needs Assessment

    Every shoot is different, customized to our clients’ preferences, so prior consultation helps be sure we understand your brand, what you’re looking for and that we have an opportunity to walk you through the process. We work by email, speak with our clients by phone and/or meet in person ahead of time to understand their organization, needs and when appropriate, see examples of what they’re looking for. Consultation/needs assessment is provided at no charge.

  • No-Obligation Quote

    Based on our needs assessment, we’ll provide a detailed proposal of the scope of work, schedule and a no-obligation quote for your review. Depending on the client’s preferences, quotes can be provided as fixed-cost or on a time plus expenses basis.

  • The "Paperwork"

    Once the proposal and quote are approved, we will provide an invoice, deposit instructions and our Photography Services Agreement which can be e-signed online. The terms of the Agreement and deposit are established in the proposal.

  • Performance of the Work

    Depending upon the scope of work, the work may be divided into phases. With regard to photography, advanced location scouting and/or prep may be necessary for location shoots. For in-studio shoots, setup/prep work may be required and, in some cases, set construction. We provide regular feedback on progress and any anticipated changes in the scope of work, cost and/or deadline.

  • Delivery of Proofs/Prototypes

    Payment of the balance of your invoice is due prior to delivery of the proof images. Depending upon the shoot we’ll produce hundreds or thousands of proofs for review. Some clients prefer that we make the selection of the best images for editing, others prefer to make the selections themselves. In the latter case we provide a secure online proofs gallery from which you can select images for editing. We can usually provide your proofs gallery within 24 hours of the photo shoot.

  • Delivery of Final, Edited Imagery/Website

    We provide meticulous, detailed editing for those proofs selected for editing. In most cases we deliver imagery electronically and securely online, optimized in several ways depending upon the needs of the client: For their website; for social media; or at full-resolution for printed materials, including publications, posters, catalogs, etc.

  • Our Guarantee

    If you want additional edits to your work we’re happy to do it at no cost. We want you to be thrilled with the results!